Say hello to men who hate the NSA but love invading the privacy of women
Over the weekend someone released hundreds of revealing photos of celebrities that appear to have been stolen from private storage. In response to this, a bunch of anonymous guys on the internet copied them and posted them all over the town square, because the internet is written in ink and if you are ever a victim once in your life the internet will remind you of it forever. These men are the detritus of human society for whom the internet provides a warm blanket, so let’s remove the warm blanket for a minute.

Quote IconIn an interesting post, writer Claude Nougat estimated the total number of books on Amazon – about 3.4 million at last count (a number that could include apps as well) and then figured out how many books were added in a day. Nougat noticed that the number rose by 12 books in an hour, which suggests that one new book is added every five minutes. And, most likely, it’s probably an indie book.
Quote IconVision building is the most relevant and rare asset in our society. We do not live in a world where data and knowledge are missing. Indeed, it is just the opposite. The amount of information is overwhelming. What is rare is the capability to make sense of this enormous and complex picture, to go beyond the past and existing patterns and imagine what is not there.
Roberto Verganti & Don Norman. “Having a vision is not enough—it must be implemented” via @annearetz (via peterspear)
Quote IconWe don’t have time to think anymore. Thinking is a superluxury. Feeling is an even bigger superluxury. In an era where decent food, water, education, and healthcare are luxuries; thinking and feeling are activities to costly for society to allow. They are a drag on “growth”; a burden on “productivity”; they slow down the furious acceleration of the bullshit machine.
Quote IconDon’t show us your work, show us how to growth hack your self empowerment. Whatever you do, if you can’t buy attention on Facebook, keep on posting stuff and reposting more stuff wherever you can (yes, of course to Tumblr, and hey, even to Google , LinkedIn and Myspace, whatever, someone might still be there — too bad they closed Posterous). You need maximum growth hacking to make up for the algorithm throttling. If you don’t have much to say, double your output. The more you say, the higher the possibility that you might say something popular.